Erling and Judy in Santa Hats share their 2023 Holiday RV Gift Ideas

RV Gifts Holiday Wish List 2023

Our RV Gifts 2023 Holiday Wish List has great Christmas gift ideas for your favorite RV owners and campers.

It has become an annual tradition for us to share ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your RV camping friends and family. Sometimes we share something we have tested and love. Other items are things we wish we could add to our camper. Whether you are shopping for your favorite camper or for yourself, we’ve put together a list we hope makes it easier to find just the right thing. We tried to include a mix of practical and fun, big and small, so that you are sure to find a great RV gift. This year, we even included a few really big items. Because, why not dream big when you are wishing for the perfect gift.

This is our fifth year of creating a gift wish list. If you are looking for even more inspiration, check out our wish lists from 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019.

This year, we decided to have a bit of fun and create a RV Gift Holiday Wish List video. Hope you enjoy and get some gift giving inspiration.

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We’ve added links to products to make your gift buying easy. Links are to Amazon, Arvika, and TechnoRV. These are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from them there is no additional cost to you, but we earn a commission that helps enable us to continue sharing helpful information.

RV Accessories RV Gifts

Here are some RV accessories that any camper would love to receive. These will definitely improve RV life.

Stabilizer Blocks

For years, we have been using blocks to provide a solid base for our travel trailer’s stabilizers. We usually use two plastic blocks. Last year, we started placing a pad under the blocks for extra stability.

Camco FasTen leveling blocks

However, we think that having purpose build stabilizer blocks might be easer to use and provide more stability. Stabilizer blocks are on our camping wish list for 2023. There seem to be several good ones available. We are leaning toward the OX BLOX trailer jack block available on Amazon (affiliate link)

National Park Sticker Water Bottle

If you read our post Four Steps to Living Your Travel Adventure Bucket List, you know that we love having simple ways to track and share our progress toward completing a bucket list item. That is why I was so excited to receive the Wondery Parks of the USA Bucket List Water Bottle. It is a nice 32 ounce bottle with a built-in straw.

Erling holding a national parks water bottle

But the fun part is that it has an etching of all national parks. And for each one, there is a sticker you can add to show which parks you have visited. While we haven’t visited them all yet, this is going to be a fun way to keep track of our visits. Just this year alone, we can add several including Shenandoah, Harpers Ferry, Haleakala, and Volcanoes.

The Wondery Parks of the USA Bucket List Water Bottle is available on Amazon (affiliate link).

National or State Park Pass

If your favorite RV camper loves parks, consider giving them the gift of a park pass. These are available for the national parks and most state park systems. With a pass, you can get unlimited park access for a year. What a great gift idea.

Cast Iron Griddle and Press

We love camp cooking. Food just seems to taste better when cooked on cast iron. We enjoy making cobbler in a Dutch Oven. And we love making pancakes, bacon, and pretty much everything else in our Lodge cast iron skillet. Last year, we got the gift of a square reversible grill/griddle pan with one smooth side and one ridged side. We also got a hamburger press. The burgers made on this are just amazing. Yum!

If the person on your list loves camp cooking, consider getting the Lodge LSRG3 Cast Iron Grill/Griddle and Lodge Hamburger Press. Both are available on Amazon. (affiliate links).

Cleaning cast iron cookware is pretty easy. But it is easier if you have a good brush. Consider adding a stocking stuffer of the Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper. It has a nice handle and makes cleanup a breeze. Available on Amazon (affiliate link).

Clear RV Sewer Adapter

OK. This might seem a bit like an odd item for a holiday wish list. But, it really would make RV life better. Have you ever tried to dump your tanks and you aren’t sure if the fluid has stopped running. It would be so much easier if you could see what was happening. Well, maybe not pleasant, but easier. So, we are adding the Camco RhinoFLEX Clear 45 Degree Sewer Hose Fitting to our wish list. Available at camping outlets and on Amazon (affiliate link.

Big Ticket RV Wish List Gift Ideas

The following may not fit under the Christmas tree. But boy would they be appreciated. We probably won’t get most of these. But we can always ask, right?

A Small Travel Trailer

We love our Grand Design Transcend 28MKS. It really is just about the perfect camper. It is so roomy and comfortable to come back to after a long day of hiking. And yet… there are places we just can’t go because it is so big. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a smaller camper for those places where a large camper can’t go? We’ve seen some fantastic small campers at RV shows and the Overland Expo. Here are a few of the ones we’d consider great options for our needs.

Grand Design Imagine AIM 15BH

We just love the kitchen in this one. Pretty amazing to have a full kitchen and bath in a camper this size. We’d love to give one a try at one of the smaller campsite state parks we aren’t currently able to visit.

Imagine AIM 15BH Kitchen

T@B 400

For a teardrop, this small camper is roomy. It packs a lot of features into a small space. Another one we’d love to try.

Teardrop TAG 400


We were pretty impressed with the Oliver. This is another great small camper we’d love to try.

Inside an Oliver travel trailer

Trail Ready Bicycles

When camping, we often bring our bicycles. Our bikes are great for riding on a smooth, paved surface. However, they aren’t really a good fit for trail riding. We’d love to upgrade to new bikes that work on both pavement and gravel. Since they stay outside on our bike rack, we need them to have rust-resistant components. Not sure which ones would be the perfect give yet. We’d love to hear what bikes you bring camping.

Bicycling at Huntington Beach State Park

A New Bike Rack

Of course, if we had a new small camper and new bikes, we’d need a new bike rack. We love our Arvika travel trailer bike rack. It provides a stable platform for bringing the bikes along. And, it doesn’t waste space in our camper or truck. Read our Arvika bike rack review and you’ll see why we like it.

Arvika Bike Rack

We like our Arvika so much, we became affiliates of them. If you use our code Travel10, you can save 10% off the price of a rack. As affiliates, we may also earn a small commission that helps us continue to bring you great content.

A Cruise

This year, we enjoyed our first cruise in quite a while. It was fantastic and we found it a great way to see places we otherwise could have gone. In some ways, it is like camping – your room follows you on the journey. And yet, it is very different.

NCL Cruise Ship and Palm Tree in Hawaii

There are several cruises we’d love to do. Maybe a cruise tour to Alaska where we can see Denali and glaciers.

Adding a cruise to a holiday wish list is a bit ambitious. But, we’ve been really good this year. So, who knows. Maybe we’ll get to go on our next cruise adventure next year.

A Few Favorites From Past RV Wish Lists

Garmin Dash Cam 57

We wanted a dash cam to use on our travels. We had the chance to try the Garmin Dash Cam 57. It works great and we like it. If your RVer is looking for a dash cam, consider this as a nice holiday gift. Check out our Garmin Dash Cam 57 review. Because they are RVers like us, we recommend purchasing the Garmin Dash Cam 57 at TechnoRV (affiliate link)

Installing Garmin Dash Cam 57 On Magnetic Mount
A Garmin Dash Cam 57 is a Great Gift Idea

TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitor

A TPMS enables you to monitor the pressure and temperature of your tires. If it detects that something is going wrong, it will alert you. While they aren’t perfect, tire pressure monitors can reduce the chance of a serious tire-related issue. We have been using our TST 507 for two years and really appreciate the added safety. It would make a great gift for the RVer on your list.

TST 507 TPMS Monitor in Truck

We recommend purchasing the TST 507 Flow Thru TPMS from TechnoRV (affiliate link).

Furrion Backup Camera

Part of RV life is having to back your camper. Many campsites are back-in and there are other times when you find the need to back up. Having a spotter to watch behind the RV is critical. But there are times when a backing situation is complicated and you with you had an additional set of eyes to see behind the camper.

Many RVs and travel trailers come pre-wired for a backup camera. Most are set up to easily add a Furrion backup camera. We got the Furrion Vision S last Christmas and enjoyed using it in our 2023 camping season. It would make a useful gift for any travel trailer owner. Check out our Furrion Vison S review.

You may find the Furrion Vision S at many camping gear outlets. Buying the Furrion Vision S 4.3 there is a convenient way to get yours. As an Amazon affiliate, if you purchase using this link, we may earn a small commission that helps us continue to provide you with helpful content.


Thanks for checking out our 2023 Holiday RV Gifts Wish List. I hope it was helpful. Need more RV Gifts inspiration? Check out our check out our wish lists from 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019. If you want even more ideas, check out our post RV Essentials for Outfitting a Camper.

What’s on your wish list? We’d love to hear what you think are the best RV camper gifts. Leave a comment to let us know.

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