RV Camper Holiday Wish List Santa With Presents in Camp Chair

RV Camper Holiday Gift Wish List

Our 2019 RV Camper Holiday Gift Wish List provides inspiration for gifts and stocking stuffers that are sure to please your favorite camping friends.

RV Camper Holiday Wish List Santa With Presents in Camp Chair
Our RV Camper Holiday Wish List

For many, this is the time of the year when it gets colder and your RV has been winterized. You can look back at 2019 and remember all of the great places you visited. And, you can look forward to 2020 and dream of the adventures you are planning.

It’s also a great time of the year to review your camping gear. What works well, what doesn’t work or needs to be replaced and what gear would make your camping experiences better. It’s time for our RV Camping Holiday Gift Wish List.

We’ll share some of the things we love that might make a great gift for the RV campers in your life. Plus, we’ll share a few of the things we wish we could add to our camping gear. Hopefully you’ll find some gift inspiration for your RV or for your favorite camping friends.

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A Few Of Our Favorite RV Gifts

A big part of camping for us is camp food. We love grilling and we love our Weber Q portable propane grill. It has lasted ten years and is a nice portable gas grill. Check out our post Easy Camping Grill Setup for more details on how easy it is to set up and what items you need to go with it.

We love playing games when we camp. Whether it is playing at the picnic table on a beautiful day or playing inside on a rainy day, it is a great way to have fun as a family. Our new favorites are the card game version of classic board games like Monopoly Deal, Clue Suspect, Life Adventures or Scrabble Slam. You can usually play a round in about 15 minutes. They don’t take up much space in the camper so you can bring along several. We love playing these games. They would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite game-playing camper.

Sometimes it can get a bit chilly by the campfire. You want a blanket but you don’t want to get the one for your bed dirty. That’s when you need a packable throw blanket. We like these Eddie Bauer packable throw blankets. They even come with a storage bag.

In an RV, you often have limited counter space. Food prep can be a challenge. One item we have enjoyed is a stove top cutting board. The Camco Bamboo Stove Top Work Surface may be just what your camper chef needs.

Campground electric hookups sometimes have issues. You want to protect your RV and all of your electronic gear. While a surge protector may not seem like an exciting Christmas gift, I am sure glad that a Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X was under the tree for me last year.

You always need flashlights for the camper. We have been using these Life Gear LED Flashlights. They are bright and are also very lightweight. A cool feature is that they can also be used as a lantern. There are five light settings that include a red glow light, red flasher, and flashlight + red flasher. We keep a set at home and one in the camper.

This year we tested a Kijaro Portable Camping Chair. It turns out to be a great foldable camping chair. Check out our Kijaro Camping Chair review for more details. On our wish list is to upgrade the rest of our camping bag chairs to Kijaro camping chairs.

Our RV Camper Holiday Gift Wish List

Here are the things we would love to add to our camper for 2020.

This year, we visited quite a few craft breweries. We wrote about some of our favorite breweries on the Virginia Peninsula and about our visit to Bier Fest at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It would have been helpful to be able to take notes to help us remember what we tasted. Fortunately, our friends at Living The Stout Life created a craft beer tasting journal: The Craft Beer Adventure Journal. This might be the perfect thing for the beer lover in your life.

There are times you need to back up without a spotter. This can be a real challenge. Our new Grand Design Transcend camper came pre-wired for a backup camera but we haven’t installed one yet. This Furrion Vision Wireless RV Backup System would be a great upgrade that would make backing into a camp site much easier.

Safety on the road is one of our key concerns. One thing that helps you stay on the road is ensuring your tires are in good shape. It would be great to be able to keep an eye on the travel trailer tires the same way we can do for those on our pickup. A product like the TireMinder Smart TPMS would be a welcome gift this holiday season.

We don’t bring many small kitchen appliances with us in the camper. We do have a coffee maker, a slow cooker and our favorite lightweight smoothie blender. Our wish list includes upgrading our older slow cooker by replacing it with a multi-cooker. These combine the best of a slow cooker, steamer and pressure cooker. The one we would love to have is the best is the Breville Fast Slow Pro. The Breville can pressure cook, steam and slow cook. And, it is supposed to cook veggies so that they don’t get too soft like can happen in a normal slow cooker.

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