Hi. We’re Erling & Judy with Travel Trail Sail. We love to travel and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle; hiking, sailing or just enjoying a campfire with friends.

In 2010, we took an RV travel sabbatical, heading “Out West” to visit some of America’s most amazing places. We enjoyed camping and sharing our experiences so much, we continued to camp & share. The result is Travel Trail Sail – your Guide for Travel Inspiration where we share our tips & tricks on RV travel, camping & adventure, RV parks & campgrounds, gear reviews, tasty food and fun fitness to keep you ready to enjoy your adventure.

We hope you find this site helpful and look forward to crossing paths with you soon. Enjoy your journey.

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We love to travel and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle; hiking, sailing or just enjoying a campfire with friends. We started Travel Trail Sail so we could share what we learned with you.

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Natural Bridge KOA

Natural Bridge KOA Review

The Natural Bridge KOA is a good camping option for visiting the Natural Bridge. Natural Bridge/Lexington KOA is easy to access from I81 in Western Virginia. Natural Bridge KOA Overview While we used this as an overnight stop, this KOA would make a good place to spend a weekend or longer vising the area. Nearby…

Trail & Sail Life

Food, fitness, friendship and thoughts about the travel lifestyle can be found in Trail & Sail Life.

Roasting Coffee With a Free Roast SR800
Trail & Sail Life

Roast Your Own Coffee

Looking for a fun adventure in flavor, roast your own coffee for a delicious cup. We are learning about the world while enjoying a new hobby; roasting coffee. Judy and I have been trying new things over the last year. We have visited wineries and explored the taste of different wines. One day, I had…

RV Camping Gear Reviews

We enjoy camping in our Grand Design Transcend 28MKS. If you are new to camping and wondering what you really need for your camper, check out RV Essentials for Outfitting a Camper. Find reviews for the gear we use in Gear Reviews.

RV Wheel Well Repair
Gear Reviews

RV Wheel Well Repair

We found a damaged piece of fabric in the wheel well of our travel trailer. We did an RV Wheel Well Repair using Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape. As an RVer, you know you need to inspect and seal the roof every year. But, how often to you inspect under the RV? When we…

Pelican Kayaks On The Water
Gear Reviews

Pelican Kayaks

We bought a pair of Pelican kayaks. We’ve been looking for a way to get on the water and these seem like a great option. We tried them one morning and they worked great. The Pelican Mission 100 kayaks seem like a great introductory model. At 10 feet long and 40 pounds, they are relatively…