Hi. We’re Erling & Judy with Travel Trail Sail. We love to travel and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle; hiking, sailing or just enjoying a campfire with friends.

In 2010, we took an RV travel sabbatical, heading “Out West” to visit some of America’s most amazing places. We enjoyed camping and sharing our experiences so much, we continued to camp & share. The result is Travel Trail Sail – your Guide for Travel Inspiration where we share our tips & tricks on RV travel, camping & adventure, RV parks & campgrounds, gear reviews, tasty food and fun fitness to keep you ready to enjoy your adventure.

We hope you find this site helpful and look forward to crossing paths with you soon. Enjoy your journey.

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We love to travel and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle; hiking, sailing or just enjoying a campfire with friends. We started Travel Trail Sail so we could share what we learned with you.

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Lake Anna State Park Swim Beach Lifeguard Chair

Lake Anna State Park Review

Lake Anna State Park is a nice park with a swimming beach, hiking trails, and a campground. Lake Anna State Park is located in Spotsylvania County in Virginia. Lake Anna State Park Overview Lake Anna State Park opened in 1983. The area was home to the Goodwin Gold Mine. Among the many interpretive programs, you…

Beach Chairs and Umbrellas at the Outer Banks of North Carolina OBX

Outer Banks North Carolina

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a narrow strip of land, a set of barrier islands that run along the coast of the northern half of North Carolina. It’s a popular vacation spot and a great family-friendly place to visit. Judy has been coming to the Outer Banks for as long as she can…

Trail & Sail Life

Food, fitness, friendship and thoughts about the travel lifestyle can be found in Trail & Sail Life.

Judy and Erling Share Stories of RV Campground Etiquette and Campsite Manners
Trail & Sail Life

Campground Etiquette

Most RVers follow some basic campground etiquette rules. Camping manners help make camping fun for everyone. Here are the top five RV etiquette issues we have encountered. This is one post where the video may tell the story better. If you want to hear our stories of campground manners, check out our RV Campground Etiquette…

RV Camping Gear Reviews

We enjoy camping in our Grand Design Transcend 28MKS. If you are new to camping and wondering what you really need for your camper, check out RV Essentials for Outfitting a Camper. Find reviews for the gear we use in Gear Reviews.

Flush RV Water Heater YouTube Video Thumbnail
Gear Reviews

Flush RV Water Heater

We recently ran into a problem, the water in our RV smelled like rotten eggs. We used vinegar to flush the RV water heater. Flush RV water heater instructions. Flush RV Water Heater to Remove Smell We were camping at a state park and noticed that our water smelled horrible, like rotten eggs. In over…