Top RV Travel YouTube Channels

Top RV Travel YouTube Channels

If you are interested in RV Travel and finding the Top RV Travel YouTube Channels, check this out this list of the top RV creators on YouTube. We love camping, travel adventures, and creating useful travel videos. We also enjoy watching great content from others.

There are hundreds of people creating YouTube videos for camping and RVing. To help you find something of interest to you, we wanted to share a list of the Top RV Travel YouTubers. Many of them you’ll recognize. However, there are many newer or smaller channels, too. And many of these have great content that you’ll likely enjoy.

There are so many different types of RV camping content available. Some channels specialize in reviewing RV campers. Others provide campground reviews. Some provide maintenance and tips to help you keep your adventures smooth. Some just share their journeys and adventures as they travel in their RVs.

We know that we likely didn’t find all of the top RV YouTube creators. If we missed one of your favorites, let us know by leaving a comment. We’ll try keep the list updated.

Our RV Travel YouTube Channel Recommendations

Here are a few YouTube creators we enjoy watching. We’d love to hear about your favorite RV Travel channels. Please let us know by leaving a comment.

Adventures of A+K

For Travel Adventures, we enjoy following along with the Adventures of A+K. Adam and Katherine travel in an RV van. Moving quickly, they cover a lot of ground on their travels while they highlight amazing hikes, beautiful places, and fantastic food. And they do it all with a smile. You can find our more at Adventures of A+K blog.

RV Inspection and Care

Our recommendation for an RV Maintenance YouTube channel is RV Inspection and Care. Duane is an RV inspector. He shares helpful tips about buying and maintaining an RV. You’ll learn which RV brands are best, what to look for if you are buying a used RV, and how to keep your RV in great shape. You can also find information on the RV Inspection and Care blog.

Wandering Weekends

We appreciate thorough and helpful RV gear reviews. Wandering Weekends delivers with things like their Hitch Battle series comparing hitches for travel trailers. You can find more information on the Wandering Weekends blog.

I Love RV Life

If you like camping in state parks, COE campgrounds, and other great locations, you might enjoy I Love RV Life. Jerry provides an optimistic take on the places he visits, mostly in Georgia, North Carolina and other locations in the southeast. And he shares tips and gear reviews you might find helpful. You can find more information on the I Love RV Life blog.

RV Texas Y’all

RV Texas Y’all are Texas campers that often explore state parks, COE campgrounds, and other great locations throughout Texas and beyond. You can find more information on the RV Texas Y’all blog.

Travel Trail Sail

Of course, our channel Travel Trail Sail has 65 videos with a mix of state park adventures, campground and RV gear reviews, and other great content to help and inspire you to travel. We’d appreciate it if you’d check it out and subscribe. Thanks!

RV Travel YouTube Channel Stats (March 2023)

Here are some of the top RV Travel YouTube channels. Subscriber and view data recorded early March, 2023.

RankChannel NameSubscribers (March 2023)Joined YouTubeUploadsAll Time Views (March 2023)
1Cheap RV Living638,00029-Feb-121,100133,523,991
2Endless Adventure574,00021-Oct-1581895,775,375
3Big Truck Big RV496,00016-Aug-102,100210,936,708
4Keep Your Daydream492,00023-May-1538282,959,752
5New Jersey Outdoor Adventures299,0008-Jun-131,00076,019,512
6Creativity RV278,00030-Jan-1827919,793,656
7Long Long Honeymoon254,00018-Dec-0648953,538,856
8Changing Lanes253,00013-Jul-1727236,744,072
9Traveling Robert241,00012-Jan-111,10072,996,226
10We’re the Russos226,0002-Jun-1443657,272,160
11All About RVs222,0006-Jun-1725226,226,080
12Less Junk More Journey220,0008-Nov-1580148,862,022
13RVing with Andrew Steele219,00013-Jun-111,00079,772,508
14Josh the RV Nerd at Bish’s RV209,00012-Apr-126,50090,596,230
15Playing with Sticks209,00013-Jun-1811829,252,570
16Matts RV Reviews205,00013-Mar-1694848,575,637
17RV Geeks190,00015-Aug-1131247,644,084
18Enjoy the Journey Life186,00028-Apr-1737924,409,916
19RV Lifestyle175,00028-Aug-1293434,768,070
20RV Odd Couple168,00021-Sep-1824320,490,965
21Today is Someday164,00023-Aug-1729819,232,056
22RV Blogger153,0003-Feb-1919919,000,649
23Adventures of A+K140,00010-Jul-1829116,971,267
24Grateful Glamper140,00018-Aug-1835521,177,491
25Fate Unbound132,00018-Jan-1730118,298,521
27Drivin’ and Vibin’128,0007-Nov-1556318,153,275
28Happily Ever Hanks125,00020-Apr-2014813,874,671
29Rving with Tito121,00027-Aug-1021817,990,598
30The Fit RV98,30020-Mar-1337323,390,117
31Endless Rving96,30013-Jun-1987819,749,897
32Love Your RV91,8003-Dec-1290625,596,939
33RV Miles86,9001-Aug-1734212,649,804
34Liz Amazing79,60026-Jun-1917014,336,083
35Seven O Savage79,2009-Feb-19766,029,251
36Getaway Couple70,70026-Jan-163048,597,495
37RV Tips and Travels70,60014-Sep-14644,761,252
38Finding Our Someday66,60018-May-071669,468,816
39Wingman Wisdom63,40011-Nov-168767,250,031
40Wandering Weekends63,3003-Feb-1841910,743,644
41RV Love53,00021-Oct-132158,270,923
42I Love RV Life45,5004-Sep-143265,497,760
43Irene Iron Travels43,00012-Jul-182576,913,289
44Travels with Delaney41,50024-Jan-135027,329,268
45No Ordinary Path41,00019-Mar-186775,183,703
46RV Texas Y’all40,70021-Oct-113595,152,583
47Lets TurnItUp World37,4001-Jul-22723,309,211
48John Marucci – On the Road35,40026-Dec-132023,357,403
49Switch It Up26,10021-Sep-203713,519,304
50Downsizing Makes Cents24,8002-Oct-181983,215,779
51RV East Coast23,60012-Mar-181422,245,967
52RV Inspection and Care23,00015-Mar-191701,614,027
53Friday’s Forever20,60027-May-153394,426,977
54Does Size Matter17,80012-Apr-183153,331,927
55Wayward Wags15,3003-Nov-134722,189,459
56Travels & Travails12,8009-Oct-111272,804,736
57Chickery’s Travels10,6006-Jul-171851,438,598
58Wild Thornbaileys9,24021-Mar-104332,222,543
59Camping with the Coles8,94028-Feb-0895879,799
60My Bucket List Day8,37028-Jul-201841,010,679
61adventure dot life8,22016-Nov-2062,127,638
62Wines, Pines and Canines7,82012-Sep-20103867,121
63Venturesome Couple7,51027-Jan-214501,424,358
64RV Vagabond Jerry7,36010-Jul-061,2002,793,201
65Discovery Bound RV7,01028-Jul-21109870,858
66AlliChuck Adventures6,91016-Dec-162071,048,854
67Jouppi Outdoors6,84015-Mar-182661,594,407
68That RV Tech6,7908-Mar-2222376,578
69Jaunt Junkies5,4305-Nov-162491,721,394
70RV Atlas5,18021-Sep-1417182,971
71RV With Soul5,17020-Jun-1935164,492
72Amped to Glamp4,84010-Apr-21170543,858
73Wander Open Roads4,80017-Sep-12160352,505
74Traveling Buckeyes4,6706-Mar-1569560,461
75The Virtual Campground1,8806-Jan-1917043,642
77Living the Silver Life1,72027-Nov-16208121,230
78Eat Sleep RV Repeat1,5509-Nov-17369213,251
79The Roaming Dad1,1404-Dec-20389236,466
80Our Journey to Happiness6887-Mar-22237377,626
81Our American Road Trip66718-Sep-209562,021
82Learn to RV52424-May-17128211,964
83Adventerous JeriLynn44530-May-19226141,857
84Journey With the GS3806-Dec-1679105,670
85Travel Trail Sail37022-Oct-196593,300
86Our Rving Adventures23327-Nov-208028,507
87The Adventure Detour20524-Aug-21126111,602
88Rving with Caitlin1629-Jan-206922,114
89Trails & Waves Adventures1309-Oct-202913,709
90Someday is Today10325-Jun-2110134,289
91Join the Journey 4118217-Apr-1913934
92RV Trails and Puppy Dog Tails687-Jul-20310,258
93Bill and Tess’ Great Adventure5518-Dec-141611,261
94Wandering Peaches518-Dec-22132,250
95Amateur Camper2811-Apr-17113,328
96RV Tailgate Life1718-Aug-1695,907

Who Are Your Favorite RV Travel YouTubers?

We hope this list is helpful and inspires you to find some new RVing YouTube creators to follow. We’d love to add to the list so that even more people can be discovered.

Who are your favorite RV YouTube creators? Please leave a comment to share. We’ll try to add them to the list on our next update. Thank you.

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