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SummerWind Vineyard Review

We enjoyed a visit to SummerWind Vineyard in Smithfield VA. SummerWind creates tasty wine and yummy food served in a pleasant atmosphere.

On a beautiful day in late October, we stopped by SummerWind for lunch and a wine tasting. It was a great choice.

When you first arrive at SummerWind, it may not seem grand or impressive. There is parking for a few cars in a grassy area along the road. You see a house that looks like it could be someone’s home. But look a little closer. The grounds are nice. There is plenty of outdoor seating, spread out for socially distant gathering. Options include tables, high-top tables, and seating around fire pits.

SummerWind Winery Outdoor Seating Area
SummerWind Outdoor Seating

We started by ordering a wine flight. You select five wines from their list of nine. Samples are served in glasses on a chalkboard with the wine names written for you. We tried a variety of white, red and blush wines.

SummerWind Vineyard Wine Sampler Flight
Wine Sampler Flight

The wine glasses and presentation were a nice touch, much better than plastic. Pours were generous enough to give you a good sense for the wine. We tried the Two Rivers white blend, the Rose of the Isle, The Warwick Squeak sparkling rose, the Merlot and a Tormentor’s Red blend.

While the wines were all good, two stood out, the Petit Manseng and the Petit Verdot. SummerWind winery describes their Petit Manseng as having citrus and candied fruit notes. It was a light & refreshing white. We also enjoyed the red Petit Verdot, described as a full-bodied red with earthy flavors of blueberry, blackberry, plum & mocha. However you describe it, they were yummy. We purchased a bottle of each to enjoy at home. Additionally,

Now, if you aren’t an expert wine taster and aren’t sure about what makes a good wine, that’s OK. We aren’t experts, either. The best advice I have seen comes from Paul Grieco. In the book Cork Dork (Amazon Affiliate), he is quoted as saying that he looks for a wine that is “yummy”. His criteria for yummy is “One sip leads to a second sip, one glass leads to a second glass.” If you like it, it’s good wine.

Summerwind Vineyard also serves tasty food from their kitchen. We tried several things from the 10 item menu. We tried a charcuterie called The Little Italy. It included pepperoni, salami, roasted red peppers, provolone and parmesan cheese served with tasty sliced baguette. We also tried honey brie with walnuts & candy date drizzle. Both were delicious. Other things available include soft pretzel sticks, a ham & cheese croissant melt, or pimento cheese.

One surprise on the menu was an apple pie ice cream wine float. While wine and ice cream don’t seem like a natural combo, this was delicious. White wine, apple cider, fresh ginger & cinnamon, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

SummerWind Vineyard Apple Pie Ice Cream Wine Float
Apple Pie Wine Float

On our visit, SummerWind was staffed by two. One was the owner who was checking in on people and serving. She took a few minutes to explain the creation of the apple pie wine float and other items they offer seasonally. During COVID, we found everything to be socially distanced and the staff conscientious about wearing masks.

SummerWind Vineyard is located in a beautiful setting along the Pagan River in Smithfield VA. If you are camping at Chippokes Plantation State Park, this is just a few minutes away. Or, if you are in Williamsburg, SummerWind is just a short drive and ferry ride away.

SummerWind Vineyard View of Pagan River
Pagan River View

We enjoyed our visit to SummerWind Vineyard and plan to return. I hope you found this review to be helpful. And, if you have a favorite winery you recommend, we’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and let us know. Thanks.

Judy and Erling Creators Travel Trail Sail
Erling & Judy at SummerWind

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