Bench With View of Lake Noland Trail Newport News VA

Noland Trail Newport News VA

The Noland Trail is a five mile wooded path around Mariner’s Lake. It is a popular walking, hiking and running spot in the central part of Newport News VA.

Noland Trail Details

At Travel Trail Sail, we are always on the lookout for a good hiking trail. If you find yourself in Newport News VA and need a walk in the woods, you have two options; the Noland Trail and Newport News Park.

Noland Trail Newport News VA
Noland Trail

Most people start their hike on the Noland Trail at the Mariners’ Museum which is located at 100 Museum Drive in Newport News. There is a large parking lot and you can usually find a parking space. There are a few additional parking spaces along Museum Drive and at the Lion’s Bridge. From the parking lot you can start the trail clockwise at the North Entrance to the trail just across the road from the parking lot. If you prefer to go counter clockwise, follow the path from the parking lot to the South.

Noland Trail Map
Maps Are Located at the North and South Trail Entrance

While the trail is five miles long, there are a few options for shorter hikes. You could take the Meadow Path toward the end of the trail to shave off about a half mile. For an even shorter hike, opt to take the trail counter clockwise until you get to the split just before the Lion’s Bridge then return using the Meadow Path.

There are fourteen bridges on the trail. These often have a great view of the lake. You can often find turtles swimming in the water near the bridges.

Bridge 14 on the Noland Trail
Bridge 14

There are a few places to take a break along the trail where benches are provided.

Bench With View of Lake Noland Trail Newport News VA
Rest On A Bench With A Lake View

You can also take a break at one of the lookouts located along the trail; the Holly Tree Overlook, Pine Tree Overlook and Oak Tree Overlook. These are a nice place to rest and enjoy the view of Mariner’s Lake.

Scenic Overlook Noland Trail
Overlook With Lake View

Most of the Noland Trail is wooded and relatively quiet. There is one section that runs parallel with Warwick Boulevard where you will likely hear some traffic noise.

Trail markers are provided every half mile.

Mile Marker 3.5 on Noland Trail Newport News VA
Mile Marker

About halfway around the trail, you’ll come to the Lion’s Bridge, a Newport News landmark where you can see both Mariner’s Lake and the James River.

Lions Bridge Noland Trail Newport News VA
Lion’s Bridge

If you do the trail clockwise, when you are nearing the end of your hike you’ll come to a point that can be confusing. To make it back to the parking lot, take the trail branch to the left rather than continuing straight. The trail continues on the other side of the road.

Confusing Turn on the Noland Trail
Go To The Left

Noland Trail Terrain

The Noland Trail has some terrain elements like hills. The trail is mostly dirt though there are some sandy sections. One portion of the trail near the Lion’s Bridge is covered with oyster shells.

The Noland Trail has hills which often have wood beams installed to reduce trail erosion.

Hill With Wood Beams Noland Trail
Trail Beams

There are tree roots on the trail so watch your step. The roots are usually marked with bright orange paint just before a significant event like a 5K or marathon but the paint fades over time.

Painted Tree Roots Noland Trail
Tree Roots

Using strollers on the Noland Trail is generally not recommended. However, the Meadow Path is and easy level portion of the trail and would be a great place for walking with a stroller.

Noland Trail Meadow Path
Meadow Path

Visit The Mariners’ Museum

After your hike, consider a visit to the Mariners’ Museum. The Mariners’ Museum has over 60,000 square feet dedicated to maritime history. Among their exhibits include the Monitor Center, dedicated to preserving and displaying the Monitor, a Civil War ironclad. Admission is only $1. The address is 100 Museum Drive Newport News VA 23606

View of Mariner's Lake From Noland Trail
Mariners’ Museum From Across Mariner’s Lake

Special Events At The Noland Trail

Every October, the Mariners’ Museum hosts a pirate-themed race on the Noland Trail. In 2019, the race was extended into a Marathon and Relay where up to five people could complete the race as a team.

Noland Trail Hours

The Noland Trail is free and open to the public. It is generally open sunrise to sunset each day. The trail is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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