Pondering Three Foot Envy

It all seems so simple – buy what you want and need to do what you are trying to accomplish. But the next thing you know, you have been talked into something that is way over your head (and your budget).

My last boat was great. It was the boat that I would need at some future point to go on great sailing adventures. Only thing was that it was really a whole lot larger than what I needed for today’s adventures. Rather than start small, I followed the often repeated advice “buy what you think you will need someday so you don’t have to keep trading up”. I bought a 28 foot sailboat when I really just needed 23 feet. It was too much for me to maintain and it never really got the use it deserved. I hope it found a happy home with its new owner. As for me, I am happy with the 12 footer we use now. Well, maybe someday I will move up just a little bit.Erling Pearson 28 Sailboat

So, now I am looking at doing some camping adventures. I know what we need. Guess what, a 23 footer. It is cozy – well small – but has everything needed to get going. It can be towed by a normal pickup rather than a monster truck. And the price isn’t too bad.

When I mention it to people, what advice do I get? How about something a little bigger? “Why not just get a 28 foot trailer and a 2500 pickup with a diesel engine – you know you will want to trade up soon anyway.” This time, I am sticking to my idea; keep it simple, keep it small, and get going today.

How about you? Do you ever get three foot envy, hitch itch, or whatever you want to call it? Have you traded often to get the boat or trailer you want? Have you moved down in size because you bought too big? I would love to hear your story.

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