Old Camping Tents

How To Travel

Old Camping TentsThere are many ways to travel and many places to stay. Whether you want to see one part of the world or another; stay in a tent or resort; travel by car, plane, boat, train or rv; so many choices.

As for me, I like being on the water and hiking on trails. Seeing all the world has to offer would be such a blast – but you have to start somewhere. Why not start where you are?

Sailing and camping have much in common. Both are in nature. For long distance travel, both rely on vehicles with many of the same systems. One by land and the other by sea – both sound pretty good to me. A friend once told me that they really aren’t that different – hat tip to Susan – and she was probably right. It planted the seed of an idea that may just grow.

One thing I know is that I will need something with a little more comfort than an old tent and a cot. Maybe a camper would be all right – a nice home base for exploring.

What has been your favorite adventure? How did you get there?

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