Judy and Erling Share Stories of RV Campground Etiquette and Campsite Manners

Campground Etiquette

Most RVers follow some basic campground etiquette rules. Camping manners help make camping fun for everyone. Here are the top five RV etiquette issues we have encountered.

This is one post where the video may tell the story better. If you want to hear our stories of campground manners, check out our RV Campground Etiquette video.

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Campground Etiquette Video

We love camping and have had some really good experiences on the road. Occasionally, someone behaves in a way that doesn’t show good campground etiquette. Here are the top 5 camping manners issues we have seen in our travels.

Bright Lights

Many RV campers like to hang fun lights at their site. RVs often come with lights built into the awning or under the camper. It’s OK to have fun lights. Just be sure they aren’t too bright and that they aren’t pointed directly at or disturbing another RV. Turning the lights off during quiet hours is good campground manners.

If you display an American flag at night, it is good flag etiquette to illuminate the flag. Just be sure your flag light isn’t a super bright floodlight that points directly at your neighbor’s bedroom window. RV window shades are usually pretty thin and don’t block much light.

Loud Music

RVs often come with outside speakers. It’s OK to listen to music. Just be considerate of others and keep the volume low. Try walking away from your site. If you can hear your music from more than 2-3 sites away, you may want to turn it down a bit. Let your campground neighbors enjoy their outside time, too.

The same rules apply for outside TVs. Watching a movie or game late at night is a great way to disturb your neighbors.

Late Arrivals

Most RVers try to arrive before dark. It’s a lot easier to set up camp in the daylight. Sometimes you arrive later than expected. Maybe you ran into traffic or road construction. It happens. If you do arrive late, be considerate of others by being quiet. At 1:00 in the morning, every sound in the campground seems amplified. Those cool snap latch storage doors may be louder than you think.

If you arrive late, do the minimal setup necessary to use your RV. Connect your freshwater hose and electricity. Leave the rest for morning. You won’t need all your stuff at the campsite until morning anyway.

Campfires & Fire Safety

Many campsites have a fire ring and many RVers love having a campfire. It’s great to sit around the fire telling stories & jokes. You might even like to enjoy smores.

To be safe, keep your campfire small and contained within the fire ring. We’ve seen some amazing fires with flames leaping higher than the roof of the camper or with sparks flying into piles of dry fall leaves. We’ve also seen the news stories about what fires can do.

Please be responsible with your campfire. Don’t leave your fire unattended and remember to douse your fire when you are done to ensure it is completely out.

Campsite Boundaries

Some campsites are small. You get a little area for your camper or tent. If you are lucky, you’ll have enough room to set up your outside cooking gear or maybe a game like cornhole.

But sometimes, people set their gear up on your site. Your scenic view becomes a view of their rain shelter and other stuff.

Be a good campground neighbor. Keep your stuff on your site.

Campground Etiquette Summary

Do you have camping manners stories to share? Or maybe you have a story of someone who had great camping manners. We’d love to hear your stories. Please leave a comment. 

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