The M Las Vegas

I stayed at The M Resort in Las Vegas, NV in June, 2012.

The M is a very nice resort.Styling is a very modern take on a Prairie Architecture theme. There was great attention to detail in the theme. The oval is a frequently repeated element from the beautiful pool to the trash cans. The M was able to consistently use the style, significantly better that many hotels.

I had a very large room. The M calls this a Resort King. You can choose from two views, either a Strip View or a Mountain View. I went with the Mountain View, though the mountains were off in the distance and the view was mostly a flat desert landscape. The room had a nice sitting area next to the window. One nice feature was that there was a glass wall in the bathroom so that if you used the jetted soaking tub you could still see the view.

The pool area at The M is fantastic. The pool is a rectangle, but is shaped with an inner area that continues the oval theme of the resort. There were deeper parts and some shallow areas for lounging. The pool area is included with your stay at The M. But, locals can also purchase day passes. Like many Las Vegas hotels, the pool closes early, usually around 6:00 p.m.

Being that this resort is in Las Vegas, it has to have a casino. The casino at The M is large but not overwhelming. Like most casinos, there are a variety of slots and games. If you sign up for their casino card, you can get either $5.00 in free slot play or an M Resort t-shirt. I opted for the t-shirt.

Surrounding the casino are several restaurants each with its own specialty; hamburgers, Italian food, and a buffet. One unique option is the Hash House A Go Go. The food here is great but be prepared for Very Large portions. For breakfast, you can get a platter-sized pancake. I had the blueberry pecan pancake and it was delicious. Dinner at the Hash House also provides some unique, and very large, options such as a chicken pot pie or meatloaf. I saw one person get a pyramid-shaped stack of waffles topped with two huge chicken breasts. You really could feed a family of four with one of these entrees.

Compared to many Las Vegas resort hotels, The M is moderately priced. So, what is the catch? The M is actually in Henderson, NV and is quite a distance from The Strip. While The M does offer a free airport shuttle and a shuttle to the strip, if the times don’t work for you, a long cab ride is approximately $50 each way. So, if you are hoping to catch a show, this might not be the best resort option.

In summary, The M is a nice Vegas-style resort. If you are looking for a day at the pool or an evening of gaming, this might be a good option. If you want to be in the heart of the action, catch several shows, or try a wide variety of restaurants, this might not be the place to stay. I recommend The M if you are looking for a lower-key option in Las Vegas.

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