State Park News September 2023

State Park News September 2023

Here are the top state park news stories for September 2023. We are working to provide you with a summary of the most interesting state park news stories each month. If you have a state park news story we missed, let us know by leaving a comment.

Minnewaska Carriage Road Upgrades

A section of a Victorian-era carriage road has been upgraded and reopened at Minnewaska State Park in New York. According to Parks NY, a 2.8 mile section of the road is now open to the public. With this section, 15 of the 35 miles of carriage road are now upgraded. The park’s two visitors centers can now be reached using this road.

This project included “the realignment of a 1,200-foot section of trail, four new bridges, and enhanced drainage”. Open Spaced Institute, or OSI, also “repaired washed-out sections of the trail, improved the flow of stormwater in the area, and widened the current path to accommodate uses including walking, hiking, running, biking, cross-country skiing, and horse riding”

Itasca-Heartland Connection Trail

Construction has started on a trail to connect Itasca State Park with the Heartland Trail in Minnesota. This will be a paved, multi-purpose trail to serve outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year, from bicycling in the summer to snowmobiling in the winter.

The Heartland Trail is a rail to trail project. You can find out more about the trail on the Minnesota DNR web site. According to Park Rapids Enterprise, construction is expected to be completed by the end of September.

Sounds like a great addition that will extend peoples’ ability to enjoy trails and outdoor recreation.

Minnesota Free Park Day

September 9 will be one of four free days at Minnesota State Parks. On these free park days, you can visit any of the 75 Minnesota parks for free. Find out more details on the Minnesota DNR site.

West Virginia State Park Food

Several West Virginia state parks have restaurants. And diners are about to get a new taste. Chef Matt Welsch has been invited to update menus and incorporate more local ingredients. “Welsch will debut his employment with state parks by overseeing the Taste of West Virginia Event at the Hunting and Fishing Weekend, featuring creative culinary delights now served at Cacapon, Hawks Nest, Chief Logan, and Twin Falls state parks.” You can find out more on West Virginia Explorer.

Have you eaten at the Vagabond Kitchen or tried this Chef’s food at a WV state park event? Leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

Polihale State Park Upgrades

On Kauai in Hawaii, plans are being made for a significant upgrade to Polihale State Park.

Located on a remote section of the island and only available via a rough road, the park was closed for about two years due to overuse and challenging visitor behavior. However, according to Civil Beat, the “state is about to invest $4.3 million in park improvements, starting with the development of a conceptual master plan to better protect Polihale‚Äôs cultural and ecological treasures and educate visitors about them.” Plans include improved bathroom facilities and better signage. However, there are no plans to make it easier to get to the park as this is one of the methods used to prevent overcrowding.

Before planning a visit to a Polihali or any other park in Hawaii, be sure to check out Hawaii State Parks web site.

Fun State Park Events

We always like to highlight at least one upcoming state park event that you might want to check out. Here is one for September and one for October.

Guided Bison Saunter

On Saturday, September 9, you can join a Guided Bison Saunter at Prairie State Park in Missouri.

Having been pretty close to a Buffalo before, I’m not sure how close you want to get. However, if you want to enjoy a fun walk in the prairie, this might be a great event for you. “Visitors may want to be prepared for a 2-mile saunter over uneven terrain while looking for the bison.” Find more details on the Missouri DNR web site.

Halloween Hikes

On Tuesday, October 17 at Heery Woods State Park in Butler County, IA, they’ll be doing a Frostbite Halloween Hike. It sounds like a fun event rather than a scary one. “You will meet characters such as the Penguin, Snowy Owl, Narwhal, Caribou and Orca along a 45 to 60 minute hike. These characters will be non-scary, and they will tell you all about their lives in the coldest places on earth.” Find out more details at My County Parks.

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