Pet Cot Portable Camping Dog Bed

Pet Cot Portable Camping Dog Bed

The K&H Pet Cot is a comfortable portable camping dog bed. We tried it on our last camping trip and our lab loved it. Here is our review.

We love having our Black Lab Rita join us on camping trips. She enjoys hikes in the woods and walking along the shore. But when it comes time to hang out by the camp fire, Rita doesn’t enjoy laying on the cold ground. Camp sites are often gravel or another hard and uncomfortable surface. We needed to find a solution that would let her enjoy being with us during our down time.

Pet Cot Portable Camping Dog Bed
Rita Napping On Her Pet Cot

After some searching, I discovered the K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot. We tried it on our last camping trip and it was fantastic. Rita enjoyed using it outside. It also works well inside. With the pet cot, she now has her own place to sleep at night and seems to enjoy camping even more than before.

Setting up the pet cot was pretty easy. There were some minimal instructions provided but assembly would have easy even without instructions. The main instruction said something like the bed is intended to be tight, if it curls up after you assemble it, just sit on it. Sure enough, after we put it together, I had to sit on it to straighten it out.

The K&H Pet Cot comes in gray, brown and camouflage material surrounding a black mesh insert. We went with the gray and opted for the large size. The cover is removable and washable. If needed, replacement covers are available for purchase.

Pet Cot Portable Camping Dog Bed
Rita On Her New Camping Bed

We introduced the portable camping dog bed to Rita at home before we took it camping. She was a bit hesitant at first and didn’t sit on it for too long. After we put her favorite blanket on the bed, she began using it for much of the day. By the time we went camping a few days later, she loved her new portable dog bed.

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