Little Giant Ladder For RV Camping

Little Giant Ladder For RV Camping

A ladder is a must have camping accessory. We love our Little Giant Ladder for its versatility. Is it the best RV ladder? Check out our review. 

A Little Giant Ladder is one of our must have RV camping accessories. We learned early on that having a ladder along can be helpful. We had an issue with our awning and had no way to reach it. Fortunately, a friendly camp neighbor shared their ladder with us. Since then, we have always packed our own.

Some camp sites aren’t on level ground. We have been at several that had a hill on the door side of the camper. Using a ladder can be tricky. A Little Giant Ladder can be adjusted for use on steps or hills where a regular step ladder just wouldn’t work.

Little Giant Ladder Configuration Options Image
Ladder Positions

There are two brackets at the top of the ladder that serve as a hinge. You can fold the ladder flat, open it to a step ladder or open it further and make it into an extension ladder. You can even make the ladder into a scaffolding if you have some long pieces of wood. There are also brackets on each side of the ladder that enable you to extend the legs of the ladder. You decide how tall you need it to be and then clamp the legs in place.

Using a Little Giant Ladder to Inspect RV Roof
Using The Little Giant Ladder

We had a Little Giant Ladder at home. It was one of the first tools we purchased when we bought our first home. It was great for painting and doing other projects around the house. However, the model we have for home is a bit heavy to bring along camping. Fortunately, Little Giant makes a lighter-weight version of their ladder. It’s still a bit heavy but I think it is worth the extra weight to have a good ladder along.

Our Grand Design Transcend camper has a ladder on the back, something our previous camper did not have. It is definitely nice to have this feature. The RV ladder is vertical and can be a bit challenging to climb. It would be difficult to carry tools while climbing it.

That is where the Little Giant can be helpful. The one we bought for the camper also has a shelf attachment they call an Air Deck. I have found this handy for holding tools or a bucket above the height of the ladder, where I can reach them while standing on the ladder or when I am on the roof of the camper. Placed next to the camper with the Air Deck in place, I can climb onto the camper roof with the RV ladder, then get the tools from the top of the Little Giant.

Little Giant Ladder Air Deck Platform
Little Giant Air Deck

We pack our Little Giant Ladder in the bed of our pickup. It’s the first thing I pack before adding in the rest of our camping gear.

Little Giant Ladder In Truck Bed
Little Giant In The Truck

A ladder is one of the things we consider a must-have RV camping accessory. For more items on our list, check out our post RV Essentials for Outfitting A Camper.

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There are several versions of the Little Giant Ladder and you can purchase one at your favorite store. We’ve included links here to ladders that are similar to ours and are available on Amazon and at Camping World. These are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase by using one of the links there is no additional cost to you, but we earn a commission that helps enable us to continue sharing helpful information.

Little Giant Velocity, 17′ at Camping World

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