Grand Tetons

Grand Teton National Park

I stayed at the Colter Bay campground in Grand Teton National Park in July 2010. I had heard from several people that this was their favorite national park. I had to see it. As it turned out, it became one of my favorite parks, too. While much smaller than Yellowstone, it is also much easier to get around. Driving distances were shorter and there were far fewer people.

Grand TetonsThe Tetons are beautiful. There are seven major peaks. Unlike other mountains which have foothills, these just rise straight up. Nearby, there are fields of sage.

I was surprised by a few things. For example, I didn’t expect a marina full of powerboats in a national park. But, the marina also rented kayaks which made for a fun afternoon. There are many other fun things to do, too, like horseback riding.

One day, I hiked around part of the Jenny Lake trail. There is a shuttle boat that can take you across the lake if the hike gets too long. It was a bit expensive for a short boat ride but it sure was a luxury to get a ride back after a long hike.

Grand Teton park also has some good restaurants. I stopped at the Signal Mountain Lodge for lunch. It had great food and a nice view of the lake.

As for the campground, it was pretty basic. Our site was essentially just a marked spot on a gravel road. No hookups. But, it was right next to the woods. You could catch a hiking trail right from the site. It was also only a short walk or bike ride to the marina, store, and a restaurant.

If you are looking for a quiet place to spend time in nature, I can highly recommend this park and campground.

Have you camped in the Tetons? What was your favorite part? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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