Arvika Bike Rack On Grand Design Transcend Travel Trailer

Arvika Bike Rack Ramp

Arvika has introduced a new feature to ease loading bicycles on their bike rack – the Arvika Bike Rack Ramp. With this accessory, you can roll your bike on a ramp rather than lift it onto the rack.

Arvika Bike Rack

We love having our bikes when we go camping. Most of the places we stay have bike trails and it is a fun way to explore. Adding an Arvika bike rack was one of the first things we added to our first travel trailer. When we traded campers, we moved the bike rack to the new one.

Cannondale bike loaded on Arvika bike rack
Arvika with one Cannondale bike on Transcend

You have seen from our past posts and videos how much we appreciate having a quality rack that works well on a travel trailer. However, bicycles can sometimes be heavy. Our current bicycles weigh about 35 pounds (almost 16 kg). To load bicycles, you have to be able to lift them so that the tires fit into the rack’s rails. For many, that could be a challenging task.

We appreciate it when companies try to ensure that things are accessible for people with a range of abilities. That is why we were happy to see that Arvika has launched a new ramp for their racks.

Arvika Bike Rack Loading Ramp
Ramp Image from

The ramp temporarily connects to the end of the rack’s tray. With it in place, you can roll your bike up and on to the rack. For many, this motion may be easier than lifting. And, it seems like it would be easier to ensure the tires make it into the tray without too much effort.

Diagram of Arvika Bike Rack Ramp
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Other Loading Considerations

The ramp does appear to be a nice improvement to assist people in loading bicycles. However, there is another factor you may want to consider.

Our Grand Design travel trailer is high off the ground. This means that the A-frame that the rack mounts to is also high off the ground. The rails (or trays) for our rack are 52 inches (132 cm) from the ground. The bars used to secure the bicycles are on the top of the rack. When we load, we tilt the bars up to ensure the bikes have room to clear and then we bring the bars down once the bikes are in place.

measuring tape showing height of bike rack from ground

To help load our bikes, we bring along a step stool or ladder. Getting just 2-3 steps higher can make loading bikes much easier. With the ramp, it might be helpful to have one person roll the bikes onto the rack while another is on the ladder to secure the bars to the bike frames.

Loading bikes on Arvika bike rack

However, if you have a smaller camper, like a teardrop, your rack will likely be closer to the ground and may not need the ladder.

Where can you buy the Arvika bike rack ramp?

Arvika has just launched the new ramp. As of May 24, 2024, the ramps were available for pre-order. Their website is currently listing a 3 week order timeline.

You can find the ramp available on the parts page. The Arvika bike rack ramp is part RMP-1.

Our Arvika Review

If you are interested in why we chose an Arvika bike rack for our camper, check out our Arvika Bike Rack Review. If you prefer, we have an Arvika Bike Rack Review YouTube video.

Arvika Bike Rack Review YouTube Video Thumbnail
Our Arvika Bike Rack Review Video

How to Buy an Arvika Bike Rack

If you’d like to purchase an Arvika bike rack and are looking for a discount, you can use our affiliate code TRAVEL10 to receive a 10% discount.

Arvika Ad With Special Offer Code

Arvika racks are sold factory direct. You can check out their line of RV bike racks at Note: if you use this link, we may also receive a commission on qualifying purchases.


Thanks for checking out our Arvika bike rack ramp post. What do you think of the new ramp? If you have tried it, we’d love to hear your experience. Please leave a comment.

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