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17 Best Roadtrip Podcasts

Podcasts are great entertainment and a great way to learn while you pass the miles on a long RV road trip. Here is our list of the 17 best roadtrip podcasts.

Podcasts are like a radio show, it can be an interview, a conversation, or a show with a story. You can download many to your mobile device and listen when it’s convenient. You can access them from a blog site or from a podcast player like Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. But there are so many podcasts available. Where do you even get started? We created our list of the best podcasts for road trips to help get you started.

While we include some of the best RV & camping podcasts, we also wanted to include other topics you might find interesting or entertaining.

RV Travel Podcasts

RV Atlas

Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi share conversations about RV camping, campgrounds, and gear. They tap into a large community to broaden the scope so that they can provide a lot of great content. The RV Atlas Podcast started in 2014 and has over 400 episodes.

RV Miles

Jason and Abby at RV Miles provide a weekly show with great information on travel, camping gear and RV industry news. They are often recording at their campsite and have over 180 episodes.

RV Lifestyle Podcast

Mike and Jennifer started blogging in 2012 and added the podcast in 2014. They have recorded over 300 episodes. Mike is a retired journalist and that comes through in the show. Check out the RV Lifestyle Podcast for great RV travel information and RV industry news.

Craft Beer Travel & Adventure Podcast

Ken and April Pishna are experts on craft beer. And they are nice people. They travel in their RV, visit breweries, and share what they learn. If you are interested in RV travel or beer, give the Craft Beer Travel & Adventure Podcast a try.

RV Entrepreneur

On the RV Entrepreneur Podcast, Heath Padgett interviews people regarding how to run a business or create income that enables you to live a nomadic lifestyle. Heath and Alyssa have created a community of like-minded people who are both interested in travel and business. Through the RV Entrepreneur Conference, podcast, & blog, they have worked to create a positive community of RVers. After years of RV travel and over 200 episodes, they are now working to start a campground.

RV Texas Y’all Podcast

Want to catch a podcast that is just getting started? If you are interested in RVing and Texas, give the RV Texas Y’all Podcast a try. They are on episode 4.

Financial Independence Podcasts

If you want to travel, you need a budget. Here are some podcasts that may help you find ways to become financially independent and afford your dream RV lifestyle.

Afford Anything

You can afford anything, but not everything. Paula Pant hosts this show about finance and real estate geared toward helping people achieve an early retirement. There are over 300 episodes of the Afford Anything Podcast available.


Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett host the chooseFI Podcast focused on financial independence. Their blog also includes some great resources that may help you earn more and spend less so that you can enjoy your journey.

Everyday Courage

Jillian Johnsrud hosts this show about how to pay off debt, travel, and create the life you want. the Everyday Courage Podcast is part of the chooseFI family of podcasts.

NPR Podcasts

NPR has a ton of good content. Many NPR radio shows are only available in some locations. Sometimes they are aired when you can’t listen. Podcasts are a great way to listen to your favorite NPR shows when it’s convenient for you. Here are a few to consider.

Fresh Air

On Fresh Air, Terry Gross does interviews a variety of interesting, and often famous, people. The show also includes movie and music reviews.

Ted Radio Hour

Interviews with and excerpts from TED talks – technology, entertainment, and design. TED talks are 17-minute presentations from some amazing experts. With the TED Radio Hour, you’ll get a good sample of topics that is sure to make you feel a bit smarter.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is a current events quiz show hosted by Peter Sagal that is sure to make you laugh. A panel of three contestants including regulars like Paula Poundstone, Tom Bodett, and Roxanne Roberts competes to see who can answer the most questions about this week’s news. Each week there is a special guest that participates in one of the games.

Thomas Jefferson Hour

While not produced by NPR, The Thomas Jefferson Hour is carried on some NPR stations. This weekly radio show provides the opportunity to consider current and historical events through the lens of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the US. On many episodes Clay S Jenkinson portrays President Jefferson. Other episodes feature conversations with several leading historians like Joseph Ellis as well as people like Monticello’s Head Gardener Pat Brodowski. If you are interested in history or current events, the calm conversations between Clay and semi-permanent guest host David Swenson provide a great way to learn.

A Way with Words

If you like language or consider yourself a word nerd, A Way With Words is for you. In the over 1,500 episodes, hosts Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette try to help answer questions about odd phrases and regional dialects. If you don’t know the origin of something you’ve heard, Grant and Martha can probably help. “A Way With Words” is an independently produced podcast that often appears on NPR stations.

Fitness & Personal Development Podcasts

Working Against Gravity

Hosts Adee and Michael Cayoux discuss a range of heath, fitness, and nutrition topics. The Working Against Gravity Podcast was started in 2019 and has almost 100 episodes.

Creativity Podcasts

Patrick Page

If you like theater, you might like the Patrick Page Podcast. Broadway performer Patrick Page shares a behind the scenes look at theater life. The podcast provides encouragement for creatives.

Bonus: RV Friends Best Roadtrip Podcast Recommendation

They Way I Heard It

We love camping with our South Carolina friends. We asked them for a podcast recommendation. They suggested They Way I Heard It by Mike Roe. In each episode, Mike provides a story about a person or event as he recalls it.

Best Roadtrip Podcasts Summary

Thanks for checking out our list of the best podcasts for road trips. I hope you find at least one you like. We are always open to a good recommendation. What is your favorite podcast? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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