Jellystone Caledonia

Jellystone Caledonia

I was looking for a campground near Milwaukee. It turns out that there are surprisingly few good places to camp in the area. I say surprising because this area has a wealth of state and local parks and many tourist attractions. I opted to stay at Jellystone in Caledonia, which is South of the city. This turned out to be a great place to stay.Jellystone Caledonia

For kids, Jellystone campgrounds are fantastic. This one has a nice pool with some waterpark features, miniature golf, a jumping pillow, and many other ways to have fun. At night, they show Yogi Bear cartoons in an outdoor theatre. For the younger ones, they can have storytime with Yogi and even tuck him into bed for the night.

The campground has nice, level, pull-through sites. Staff was pretty friendly. An overall nice campground. It was a bit on the more expensive side, though, as they charge a daily amenities fee of 6.00 per person on top of a relatively high campground fee, among the highest I have paid except at prime destinations like the Outer Banks or Disney World. But, we had a good time and it was worth a little extra.

From Caledonia, you can easily get to the great things to do in the Milwaukee area. I visited the Wisconsin State Fair. This is a huge event always fun. Of course, there are the animal exhibits. But, there are also many other things to do. You can’t miss the great food. The creme puffs are a must try. Plus, if you like interesting food, this is the place. They have over 400 types of food including many you might not find anywhere else. Sorry, though, I had to pass on the donut burger – yes a hamburger with a Krispy Kreme donut instead of a bun.

It was also a reasonable drive to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. This was interesting. Many people in costume; jousting, juggling, acrobatics, and more. All the rides are human powered. Sometimes just watching them work the ride was entertainment enough. If you go, just know that the gate admission is just an entry and doesn’t include any of the rides. I don’t think I will go back but it was fun to see it once.

There are so many other things to do in the area; the Milwaukee Art Museum, Summerfest, Ethnic Festivals, great restaurants, and many parks. It would be hard to fit it all in during one visit. Looks like I will just have to go back again soon.

I hope this review was useful. Have you visited Milwaukee? What is your favorite campground or attraction? Let me know by posting a comment.

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